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About Crown Services & Catering

We are passionate, dedicated and detail-oriented: Passion for great food. Passion for exquisite customer service. Dedicated to not just meeting, but consistently exceeding customer expectations. Finally, attention to detail. It's the little things that can make all the difference and Crown Services & Catering excels in all three.

What Separates Crown Café Catering from the others? Consistency and Quality.

When evaluating a catering service, you have a range of choices and your decisions are likely guided by specific preferences and requirements. Among them: Reputation, price, flexibility, and professionalism.

Catering services generally fall into two categories:


  • Restaurants: Many restaurants offer catering service but often, do not have on hand, the required consistent resources to ensure reliable quality of food, service and dependability. Restaurants also often limit their offerings to their in-house menu with a few added specialties.

  • Catering Services: Many catering services have sporadic, often seasonal or holiday-based business and so, run very lean, meaning that they generally do not have either dedicated staff or facilities, and must hire temporary staff and work in a rented kitchen. The obvious pitfalls of this are both inconsistent service staff and variable food quality. This can leave the customer feeling less than fully confident, to say the least. For crucial life-events like weddings, there is already enough to worry about. You need a team that consistently delivers the goods.

The Crown Café Catering Advantage:

Crown Café Catering was created as the fruit of a labor of love that began as a family-run food business spanning three generations. We offer these advantages that allow us to stand apart from the competition:


  • Crown Café Catering is Powered by Scotts Valley Market. While most caterers do not have the ability to buy food wholesale, price, and price alone becomes the #1 factor over anything else when shopping. Through a partnership and a base of operations at Scotts Valley Market, Crown Café Catering has both a full-time, professional cooking and service staff as well as a restaurant quality, full time kitchen. In addition, because Scotts Valley Market has vast resources of only the highest quality foods, such as USDA Choice meats, super-fresh fruits and vegatables, on hand at all times and a wholesale price arrangement, the food needed is always on hand and at wholesale prices, which means very reasonable prices to our customers.

  • Crown Café Catering is a well-oiled machine. Crown Café Catering is a full time business catering to our customers, but CCC also performs a valuable public service. CCC is partnered with many first responders including Cal Fire, many Bay Area law enforcement departments as well companies like PG&E, who will request remote foodservice at a moment's notice, any time of the day or night. If you, as a customer, have found yourself in a predicament with an unreliable caterer, please call us. You'd be surprised at what we routinely do with virtually no notice.

  • Crown Café Catering is ALWAYS ready. As mentioned above, CCC, being partnered with Bay Area first responders means we are a 24/7 business with a team that, at any time of the day or night, will come together and get the job done. The reason this is important to you as a customer is for you to understand that we are flexible. We have learned to always expect the unexpected. You may have contracted with another caterer and maybe the contract has been broken and you're in a jam. Maybe the venue for your event has to be changed, the date has changed. Things happen. We understand, and we are always ready.

  • Our "work" is a Labor of Love. Honestly. We love what we do. We love great food, and we especially love serving great food to our customers. We are a professional crew that attends to the smallest detail and we understand that clean-up is as important as preparation and service.

Crown Café Catering is the caterer of choice for Corporate events, Weddings, Celebrations for any occasion or no occasion!

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