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When it comes to Celebrating... We Mean Business...

Whether a successful small business or large corporation, Crown Café Catering is a fully scalable service prepared to meet your budget and size requirements with polished performance and results that exceed expectations. 
Corporate Events


Crown Café Catering has extensive experience in working with large corporations using either the companies' on-site venue or off-site retreat. Crown Café Catering also has a list of hosts for different occasions, for gatherings intimate or large full-scale affairs.

Small-to-Medium Size Business


As we are ourselves, also a small business, we know the challenges, especially during challenging economic times, and when successful, the rewards are very satisfying, but one always keeps an eye on the bottom line, and that's how success is earned!


Congratulations that you have achieved a level of success worth celebrating!

Crown Café Catering is prepared to deliver full service and a completely professional and enjoyable experience that will give you the greatest bang for your hard-earned buck!

No matter how big or small your company is, Crown Café Catering
has a menu that's a perfect fit for your size and budget.
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